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ACIM short courses are designed to present essential skills and knowledge in an easily digestible format of just one or two days. All courses are interactive and will provide you with skills you can directly apply in the workplace.

Developed and presented by industry professionals who draw not only on best practice from around the world, but their own years of actual experiences working in challenging operating environments. Our programs are interactive and activity based and provide practical opportunities to develop skills.

All our short courses can be delivered conveniently on site.

Short courses start from $395 per person, per day for public programs.  Group bookings discounts apply.

We can also offer special rates apply for programs designed for your specific organisation.  Please contact us for details.

Building Resilience

Code: BR

We all know that prolonged periods of stress can be psychologically and physically harmful but very few people are in a position to be able to just walk away from it. Typical ongoing stresses in the workplace may include: difficult clients or co-workers, an unsupportive boss, organisational uncertainties or obstructions, disappointing career setbacks, unreasonable workloads, insufficient resources, unrealistic deadlines or significant system failures. Maybe you’re dealing with all of these things! Whatever your current role or level of responsibility at work, this course is designed to help you build resilience. You’ll learn what resilience is, where it comes from and what common characteristics resilient people share. You’ll be given practical tools for measuring your own resilience, learn to identify unhelpful personal thinking patterns and stress triggers, and explore positive strategies to help you build your resilience, one day at a time.

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Dealing with Aggressive Stakeholders L2

Code: DWAS 2

This program can be run independently or jointly with a second day Dealing with Aggressive Stakeholders Level 1. It is ideally suited to those who manage conflict situations or deal with difficult or aggressive stakeholders in compliance and regulatory roles. This course builds on the content from the Level 1 program but focuses more on managing the physical presentation of workplace violence posed by aggressive stakeholders. The program is designed to build practical skills in workers enabling them to manage difficult client interactions in field based or uncontrolled areas Please see the course brochure for more information on key learning outcomes. NB: ACIM Solutions is a preferred Provider of NSW Department of Industry to conduct this program for their compliance and regulatory staff

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Dealing with Aggressive Stakeholders L1

Code: DWASL1

This course provides processes for handling difficult situations and conflict with aggressive stakeholders. The program is designed to build practical skills in workers enabling them to manage difficult client interactions in field based or uncontrolled areas. It is specifically relevant for those performing licensing, compliance or other regulatory roles. Please see the course brochure for more information on the learning outcomes NB: ACIM Solutions is a preferred Provider of NSW Department of Industry to conduct this program for their compliance and regulatory staff

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Dealing with Difficult People

Code: DWDP

You can’t avoid meeting difficult people. However, you can learn how to handle them successfully. The Dealing with Difficult People workshop is designed to provide you with skills, techniques and strategies to professionally and confidently deal with difficult people including co-workers, clients, customers, managers or team members. You’ll learn how to identify and manage behavioural styles to build a positive atmosphere with open and honest communication, explore specific behaviours and their triggers, and examine how our own responses can drive conflict behaviour. You’ll also be given the opportunity to assess your own listening and communication skills and discover ways to improve your current capabilities in these areas. Other topics covered include assertiveness, the power of language and coping with difficult behaviours.

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Creating High Performance Teams

Code: HPT

This course is ideal for supervisors, team leaders, experienced and aspiring managers who are responsible for managing people in the workplace. You’ll examine the stages of team development, explore the key characteristics of successful teams and develop an understanding of how group dynamics affect achievements. You’ll also study the leadership skills that are needed to unite, guide and support workplace teams, such as defining your team purpose, setting goals, assigning clear roles and responsibilities, establishing effective communication processes, managing performance and implementing meaningful monitoring techniques to assess team progress. In the troubleshooting section of the course, you’ll learn what to do when faced with predictable team problems, receive expert advice on how to manage conflicts in teams and consider strategies for minimising risks in team-based contexts.

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Investigation Skills

Code: INV

This program is aimed people who need a specialist skill set in the area of corporate governance, incident investigation and best practice investigative procedures which are compliant with legislative standards in both public and private sector organisations. It is of particular relevance to staff who may be involved in the response to allegations of misconduct in the public sector, including: supervisors, managers, investigators, policy development officers, work health and safety professionals, governance officers, risk managers, corruption prevention personnel and human resources personnel. You’ll develop transportable investigative skills which can be applied when undertaking any level or type of workplace investigative activity including: grievances and complaints, allegations of misconduct safety-related incidents and potential criminal conduct. In particular, you’ll learn how to assess allegations, plan your investigations, gather evidence and preserve scenes (where appropriate), manage incidents, engage key stakeholders, use appropriate interviewing techniques, and prepare thorough investigation reports.

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Mock Court

Code: MC

Our mock court delivers a simulated interactive and high impact approach to training in court proceedings that test organisational processes and decision making. We give you real-life experience on what to expect before and during a legal proceeding in a court room environment using experienced legal practitioners. We design and tailor scenarios to suit the organisation using real-life examples. We design the presentation to build confidence while challenging you to ensure your adherence to organisational standards around investigative process and on giving evidence as a professional.

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Managing Challenging Behaviours

Code: MCB

Some workplace roles involve managing potential or actual volatile situations on a regular basis and the staff involved are well prepared to manage these scenarios. In other instances, when behaviours from colleagues, stakeholders, the public or clients extends past ‘difficult’ and into 'challenging' conduct, it can be completely unexpected and distressing to employees who are suddenly called upon to deal with elevated emotions, threats and even the risk of potential physical harm from others. Trying to manage these types of behaviours in the workplace simply through trial and error can have disastrous and costly consequences for individuals and organisations. A positive response to these situations is contingent upon the development of sophisticated skill sets and that’s why proactive training for staff is crucial. This program is designed to help you to develop the practical skills to improve your responses in the type of situations that can quickly become challenging. It is ideally suited to those performing compliance or inspectorate roles and people who deal with clients or members of the public who are potentially volatile, e.g. security officers responsible for crowd control.

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Meaningful Meetings Made Easy

Code: MME

Meetings are an inescapable part of all our working lives but they don’t have to be something you dread! This course focuses on practical strategies for planning, running and evaluating face-to-face, blended and virtual meetings to ensure they are fit-for-purpose and a productive use of time. You’ll develop the skills you need in your meetings tool box to produce professional agendas, action-items and minutes for a variety of meeting types and formats. You’ll also learn our top troubleshooting tips for dealing with contentious issues and unwanted behaviours. Improving your meeting skills won’t just help you in the job you’re in now – they’ll benefit you right throughout your working life. People who manage meetings well get noticed, are given more opportunities and responsibilities, and are often able to build on their successes and progress further and faster in their career, using their advanced communication skills to influence outcomes and achieve positive results. This is not a ‘one-size fits all’ course. It can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your organisation and/or groups of participants (e.g. junior, intermediate or senior level staff)), as needed.

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Preparing for Difficult Conversations

Code: PDC

This course is suitable for anyone whose work involves giving unwelcome news or potentially upsetting information to colleagues, clients or members of the public. The skills are particularly relevant for supervisors, team leaders and new or aspiring managers. You’ll be taught how to use a range of effective preparation techniques and advanced communication skills to help you plan what you want or need to say, as well confidenceboosting strategies to help you manage those conversations professionally, rather than delaying or avoiding them. Some of the topics you’ll cover include: understanding the cost of doing nothing; planning your opening statement; the importance of timing and choosing the right venue; using positive body language to support your message; understanding cultural differences in communication; strategies to help with difficult phone conversations; and setting clear boundaries and guidelines for acceptable behaviour and languag

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Stepping into Leadership Roles

Code: SLR

Moving into team leader and frontline management roles can be very challenging! It is not uncommon to see people with strong technical or specialist capabilities promoted, yet they are not always supported by their organisation in developing the critical people management skills needed to reach their true potential. This workshop is focused on developing the foundation management skills that will help you transition from being an individual contributor to a well-respected manager who can achieve team success. You’ll develop the practical skills and tools you need to perform at your best and receive valuable insights from experienced leaders to help you to confidently carry out your new role and responsibilities.

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Taking Control in a Crisis

Code: TCIC

Leaders at all levels must be prepared to encounter a serious or critical incident and be ready to lead in that environment. We are challenged by inherently high risk operating environments, uncontrollable events and are more highly accountable than ever before by our stakeholders. The modern focus on risk management, safe operating procedures and incident response processes have improved safety, however, what is missing is the answer to the core questions: How do you lead and take control in a crisis? How do you behave and what must you do when you are in charge of a high pressure/major consequence event? How do you rebuild a positive work environment after a major incident? How do you build public trust in your brand?

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