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Stepping into Leadership Roles

Course Description

Learning objectives

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Deal with the types of expectations you will face in management roles
  • Appreciate various leadership styles and how to adapt your own leadership style to meet the diverse needs of individual team members
  • Understand the benefits and challenges of delegation, including how to delegate to increase the productivity and motivation of your team
  • Develop strategies to effectively set and manage performance and behavioural expectations for yourself and your direct reports
  • Understand the critical role of communication in building and maintaining positive and effective workplace relationships, including how to provide feedback
  • Use different strategies to build effective teams.


As with all our ACIM short courses, this is a very interactive program. Our facilitators use well-paced presentations, practical group activities and discussions, and individual planning exercises to help you stay focused and engaged right throughout your training. You’ll also be given the opportunity to practise your newly acquired skills to help build your confidence and embed your learning.

How can you put your new skills to good use?

This workshop is designed to support you early on in your management career. Youll be encouraged to reflect on your own leadership strengths and weaknesses and receive valuable advice and guidance on how to develop your skills across a range of everyday management responsibilities.

Moving into team leader and frontline management roles can be very challenging! It is not uncommon to see people with strong technical or specialist capabilities promoted, yet they are not always supported by their organisation in developing the critical people management skills needed to reach their true potential.

This workshop is focused on developing the foundation management skills that will help you transition from being an individual contributor to a well-respected manager who can achieve team success. You’ll develop the practical skills and tools you need to perform at your best and receive valuable insights from experienced leaders to help you to confidently carry out your new role and responsibilities.

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