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Taking Control in a Crisis

Course Description

This course is ideally suited to those who are leaders in industries where there is potential for high risk/major consequence events in a commercial or operating context. The course is suited to management positions such as CEOs, general managers, operations managers, HR managers, risk management and safety representatives, media representatives and project managers.

Learning outcomes

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Understand the people and politics involved in a crisis
  • Manage oversight bodies and stakeholders
  • Manage the media, family, employee groups and the community
  • Use practical skills and processes for quality decision making
  • Use negotiation and communication processes effectively
  • Show personal leadership stay clear of mind and in control
  • Manage risk during a crisis.


Leaders at all levels must be prepared to encounter a serious or critical incident and be ready to lead in that environment. We are challenged by inherently high risk operating environments, uncontrollable events and are more highly accountable than ever before by our stakeholders.

The modern focus on risk management, safe operating procedures and incident response processes have improved safety, however, what is missing is the answer to the core questions:

  • How do you lead and take control in a crisis?
  • How do you behave and what must you do when you are in charge of a high pressure/major consequence event? How do you rebuild a positive work environment after a major incident?
    How do you build public trust in your brand?


This is not a course on emergency procedure. In contrast, this course teaches you practical strategies to lead and manage yourself and others in a time of emergency or crisis; how to think, how to act, how to delegate, negotiate and communicate effectively. You will learn strategies for handling stress in yourself and others.

This programs team of highly experienced specialists provide real world value, experience and insight. Drawing on real world examples and practical strategies, this course will equip you to deal with the all aspects before, during and after a major incident.

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