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Dealing with Difficult People

Course Description

Learning outcomes

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Analyse and recognise the causes behind difficult behaviours
  • Understand the role your own communication style plays in managing difficult people
  • Use key strategies to deal with difficult behaviours including aggressive behaviours
  • Improve your communication and language skills to develop and maintain boundaries
  • Understand the role of non-verbal communication skills in managing difficult people
  • Use assertive communication techniques to handle aggressive and passive-aggressive behaviours appropriately.


As with all our ACIM short courses, this is a very interactive program. Our facilitators use well-paced presentations, practical group activities and discussions, and individual planning exercises to help you stay focused and engaged right throughout your training.

How can you put your new skills to good use?

The practical focus of this course is designed to help you use what you learn immediately. You will cover the why, what, when and how of dealing with difficult people and behaviours. At work, you can use your new skills to handle complaints, positively respond to team conflicts, minimise the impact of negative co-workers and work effectively with your boss or direct reports.

You cant avoid meeting difficult people. However, you can learn how to handle them successfully. The Dealing with Difficult People workshop is designed to provide you with skills, techniques and strategies to professionally and confidently deal with difficult people including co-workers, clients, customers, managers or team members.

You will learn how to identify and manage behavioural styles to build a positive atmosphere with open and honest communication, explore specific behaviours and their triggers, and examine how our own responses can drive conflict behaviour. You will also be given the opportunity to assess your own listening and communication skills and discover ways to improve your current capabilities in these areas. Other topics covered include assertiveness, the power of language and coping with difficult behaviours.

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