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Emergency Management Liaison Officer (EMLO)

Course Description

In this program you will learn about being an Emergency Management Liaison Officer (EMLO) who represents their organisation during an incident at an Incident or Region Control Centre.

EMLOs must be prepared to work in complex, dynamic and uncertain environments, and this short course will reinforce the importance of skills to network, collaborate and share information effectively with others. The course will cover key skills and knowledge requirements for EMLOs, including understanding their authority to represent their organisation and the emergency management arrangements within which the incident is being managed, and ensuring effective communication between the incident management team and their organisation.

Content of this short course is focused on:
✓ Emergency management arrangements
✓ AIIMS and incident management
✓ The EMLO role and responsibilities
✓ Working in Control Centres
✓ Information Management
✓ Welfare considerations
✓ Emergency relief and recovery

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