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Investigation Skills

Course Description

Learning outcomes

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Understand the legislative and policy framework of investigations
  • Judge when its appropriate and necessary to involve external agencies
  • Focus on the key elements of professional workplace investigations
  • Use a range of practical tools and specialist techniques to conduct robust investigations.


As with all our ACIM short courses, this is a very interactive program. Our facilitators use well-paced presentations, practical group activities and discussions, and individual planning exercises to help you stay focused and engaged right throughout your training. You’ll also be given the opportunity to practise your newly acquired skills to help build your confidence and embed your learning.

Should you require Nationally Accredited Training, ACIM Solutions also offers the Certificate IV in Government (Investigation) and from early 2016, the Diploma of Government (Investigation) We conveniently offer both online and workshop formats for these nationally accredited courses.

How can you put your new skills to good use?

The practical focus of this course is designed to help you use what you learn immediately. Youll have the skills and confidence to undertake investigations using current best practice industry procedures, understand the bigger picture in terms of legislative and policy frameworks and have the know-how to prepare professional investigation reports.

This program is aimed people who need a specialist skill set in the area of corporate governance, incident investigation and best practice investigative procedures which are compliant with legislative standards in both public and private sector organisations.

It is of particular relevance to staff who may be involved in the response to allegations of misconduct in the public sector, including: supervisors, managers, investigators, policy development officers, work health and safety professionals, governance officers, risk managers, corruption prevention personnel and human resources personnel.

You’ll develop transportable investigative skills which can be applied when undertaking any level or type of workplace investigative activity including: grievances and complaints, allegations of misconduct safety-related incidents and potential criminal conduct. In particular, you’ll learn how to assess allegations, plan your investigations, gather evidence and preserve scenes (where appropriate), manage incidents, engage key stakeholders, use appropriate interviewing techniques, and prepare thorough investigation reports.

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