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Susan Henry

Susan Henry is a seasoned vocational educator, researcher, policy and plan developer, writer, and facilitator with a focus on Emergency Risk Management, Planning, and Community Resilience and Recovery. With an extensive career in vocational education, Susan has played pivotal roles in national standards development and program design, from conception to delivery, assessment, and evaluation.

In recent years, Susan has worked with clients at all levels of government to develop and implement emergency management and recovery plans, and to facilitate education and development programs and exercises. She also led the Community Recovery team for a Local Government following major storms in Victoria.

During her many years with the Australian Government’s Australian Emergency Management Institute, Susan led the Risk and Governance Discipline including the interpretation and application of ISO/ASNZS 31000:2009 in emergency related risk, business risk, and a risk approach to land use planning. She also led the Emergency Management in Local Government team and facilitated across the suite of emergency management programs, including Recovery Management and Emergency Planning. She contributed to the development of several Australian Institute of Disaster Resilience Handbooks, authoring the National Emergency Risk Assessment Guidelines – Practice Guide.

Susan served on the Standards Australia Committee for Risk Management, and the Australian Government Business Continuity Management network.  Her expertise was recognised internationally when she was invited to the WHO Scientific and Technical Advisory Group on Geographical Yellow Fever Risk Mapping as a Risk Assessment Expert.

In State and Australian Government multi-agency coordination centres, Susan operated as a Commonwealth liaison officer during many nationally & internationally significant disaster events.

Susan completed a Graduate Diploma of Business (Public Policy) and holds qualifications in Emergency Management and vocational education & training.

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