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Peter Stanley

Peter Stanley has held various leadership positions across the education,
logistics and emergency management sectors for over forty years. His
experience in incident and emergency management is both extensive and

Peter has been a CFA volunteer for more years than he cares to remember
and has experience as a brigade Lieutenant, Captain and Deputy Group
Officer. He has been deployed to numerous major fires in Victoria and New
South Wales as a firefighter and Strike Team Leader.

After leaving the education sector, Peter spent some time working in the
transport logistics sector before finding the Victoria State Emergency Service
where he has passionately worked in the community safety area, as a
Regional Officer and most recently as Manager Regional Operations in the
North West Metro area of Melbourne.

He is an endorsed Level 3 Incident Controller and has worked as a Regional
Agency Commander, Regional Controller and State Commander. He has sat on
both Regional and State Control Teams whilst in these roles. Peter has been
deployed to major searches, fires, storms and floods in Western Australia,
South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. Peter has also been deployed
to major incidents in Victoria as a member of the Real Time Performance
Monitoring Team which has the role of assessing and reporting to the
Emergency Management Commissioner (EMC) on the performance of Incident
Management Teams at major incidents.

Peter has worked for the Office of the Emergency Services
Commissioner(OESC) in Victoria as a Senior Project Officer in the Capability
Enhancement Unit. He was a member of the OESC team that developed the
Emergency Management Liaison Officer (EMLO) training package and wrote
and delivered a series of fire related exercises across Victoria.
Peter has developed and presented numerous emergency management
packages to volunteers, partner agencies and local councils.

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