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Kathryn Burke

Kathryn has extensive experience in the vocational education and training (VET) sector as an educator, instructional designer and compliance officer. With a background in volunteer based organisations, she also has an appreciation of the specific needs of training management relating to volunteers.
She has worked in both operation centres as part of incident management teams and as a team leader in field roles. She has also worked as a paramedic for NSW Ambulance and currently as an Ambulance Community Officer with Ambulance Victoria.
Kathryn has worked within learning and development for multiple Emergency Services including NSW State Emergency Service, Fire and Rescue NSW and NSW Rural Fire Service.
With extensive experience as a presenter and facilitator, Kathryn uses a blend of active, co-operative and experiential learning strategies to engage participants and ensure retention of new ideas and to support learners who have identified needs.
As an instructional designer, Kathryn has developed a variety of training resources to be used by both employed and volunteer trainers/assessors within Australia, the Pacific Region and internationally. She has extensive experience in developing for both field based emergency service skill sets and incident management team roles, including the development and implementation of multiagency programs.
Most recently Kathryn led the development of the Certificate IV in Disaster Risk Management (Team Leadership) for the Pacific Community. She also develops online learning to support blended delivery of incident management training and other public safety focused courses for a number of control agencies and supporting organisations.
Kathryn holds a Master of Education from ACU, a Graduate Certificate in Professional Training and Education from Deakin, and maintains currency in the Diploma of Vocational Education and Training, along with the Diploma of Quality Auditing that supports her work in RTO compliance.
Kathryn also holds a range of qualifications and units from the business, health and public safety training packages.
As a lifelong learner, Kathryn continues to gain qualifications and experience in areas of interest. Most recently, she has completed a Professional Certificate in Web Accessibility, and in 2022 is focusing on learning analytics, with a view to help ensure training is available and effective for everyone.

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