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John Chaplain

John Chaplain has had an extensive career in both emergency and incident management roles over an extensive period. He has a strong background in relief and recovery from many years working as a Corporate Manager with an emergency management portfolio with the then Department of Human Services (DHS) responding to many large scale events.  He has added to his skill base working at VICSES and is a current Zone/Regional Controller, Level 3 Incident Controller and Level 3 Planning Officer working across all hazard environments.


John has been deployed in fire, flood and storm events in Tasmania (fires), New South Wales and Queensland (flood and storm) and South Australia (storm).  John has also been heavily involved in delivering training in relation to incident management including leadership skills in emergency management and the 2 day Introduction to Emergency Management (IEM) for partner agencies, councils and volunteers across a number of agencies. John is also an Australasian Inter Service Incident Management System (AIIMS).


John also designed the current Emergency Management Liaison Officer (EMLO) 2 day course on behalf of Emergency management Victoria (EMV).  John was recently awarded “The Alan Alder Award” at the July 2022 Emergency Management Conference for ongoing services to the community over an extensive period, along with being a 2022 award recipient for the National Emergency Medal for efforts during the 2019/20 Bushfires in Victoria.


John has been heavily involved in developing Level 3 flood and fire exercises and participating as an Incident Controller in several large scale exercises as part of mentoring others in to these challenging roles. John holds the appropriate training and assessment for adult vocational training and well as a range of emergency management qualifications.

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