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David Hopkins

David has a passion for learning experience design and professional development for instructors. He currently works for a broad client base, spanning the defence, aviation and emergency management industries, delivering high-quality learning outcomes. He holds a senior learning advisor and senior instructor role within defence’s national intelligence training command, leading training delivery for a large, diverse workforce. David is a volunteer with the NSW Rural Fire Service, holding field officer and training officer positions within his brigade and district.

David is a veteran with 27 years of service as an officer in the Royal Australian Air Force. He has served as an intelligence officer, leading aerial intelligence-gathering missions and intelligence teams and providing intelligence analysis for operations across the Middle East. As an operations manager, he has commanded incident response to domestic and international incidents and aviation security responses for events such as G20, APEC and the Olympic Games. David also served as an instructor in leadership, intelligence and aerial intelligence gathering throughout his career. He has been awarded numerous commendations and medals recognising his service and performance.

Within the Rural Fire Service, David has controlled and supported control of numerous
level-1 and level-2 incidents since 2016. He has conducted four training needs analyses at the brigade and district level and designed a training and currency program for his brigade in Bungendore, near Canberra. Bungendore is the busiest brigade in the Lake George region. It is the first response to motor vehicle, structure fire, bush fire and other incidents across a broad area of responsibility. He has led the delivery of the training program over many years, enhancing the brigade and district’s ability to respond to major incidents.

David is energised by applying his expertise and experience to different challenges, providing unique perspectives to problems. He holds numerous training, intelligence, public safety and emergency management qualifications.

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