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Environmental Regulation

A new performance report has been released last week by the Audit Office of NSW in relation to the regulation of native vegetation that has relevance for all regulatory bodies. Performance audits of agencies examine whether the organisation is carrying out its activities effectively and doing so economically and efficiently and in compliance with relevant laws. Comments were made about the level of enforcement action and systems and processes around compliance activities across the two key agencies that highlight the challenges faced by agencies agencies tasked with environmental regulation when navigating legislative change and adequate resourcing.

The report highlighted concerns around inadequate compliance processes, level of effective enforcement action undertaken in response to unlawful land clearing and the need for interagency MoU’s to move past draft and to be implemented effectively to improve communication.

As often emerges from these reports, the need for effective training of regulatory staff to support them in their role was also discussed as critical in going forward under the new Agency structure.

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For the full NSW Audit Office Report, please click Here

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