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Sean Murray

Sean Murray has had a distinguished career leading complex teams in high risk environments before successfully translating these skills into the corporate world. Sean has over 34 years of experience across a range of roles for state and federal government specialising in law enforcement, justice programs and community engagement.

Sean commanded the human resources and infrastructure to deliver proactive and critical responses to crime and public safety across Australia’s most vulnerable and culturally diverse communities in Melbourne’s South East. His background investigating cause, gathering conclusive evidence and reporting findings within an environment of policy and legislation is both valuable and relevant to private industry and the three levels of government.

A recent focus has been on managing the change process and providing governance for high level projects and initiatives for private and government enterprises. Sean developed these skills in his role leading the introduction of a continuous improvement program for Victoria Police using Lean Thinking. These problem-solving techniques were also applied to evaluations of business processes which saw change to how Victoria Police measured performance, applied intelligence and tasked resources to improve their service delivery. As a senior member of Victoria Police, Sean fearlessly examined cultural practices and business processes to inform executive decisions, change policy and influence state legislation.

Sean spent 6 years with the Australian Crime Commission and was commended for leading investigative teams against organised crime, terrorist activity and political corruption.

He brings contemporary training, team building and group facilitation experience. He also developed and coordinated investigative training for the Australian Federal Police, Victoria Police and Australian Crime Commission.

Sean’s focus has always been on people because they hold the knowledge and ideas. His strengths are connecting with and enabling people to inform strategy, build capability, encourage innovation and deliver change.

Sean holds tertiary qualifications in management and business and vocational education qualifications in training and assessment and government investigations.

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