Recognition of Prior Learning @ ACIM Solutions

Recognition of Prior Learning @ ACIM Solutions

Recognition of Prior Learning is an acknowledged pathway to achieving nationally accredited qualifications.

As part of skills recognition RPL can be formally acknowledged by ACIM Solutions. The initial skills assessment process is obligation free and we do not charge to assess your suitability for RPL. In order for us to conduct the RPL assessment you will be required to submit workplace evidence with your application.

To assist this process, we have easy to understand tools and the experience of our facilitation team in emergency management and investigation and compliance ensures a comprehensive appreciation of work based environments where your skills may have already been demonstrated.

The following information will provide you with a guide on what forms of evidence are acceptable in seeking to obtain recognition for prior learning.

Types of Evidence:
  • Qualifications and formal statements (evidence may include Statements of Attainment, Certificates, Diplomas etc).
  • Professional development and training (evidence may include staff development activities, training sessions, one to one training by a qualified staff member).
  • Work experience (list what you do or have done at work that meets the unit description-evidence may include activities, duties, projects, letters of confirmation from employers, duty statement).
  • Other experience and skills (list membership of organisations, voluntary work, community work or self-employment, home business – evidence may include membership certificates, reference letter from clients).
  • Samples of work based tasks or projects that demonstrate the knowledge and performance skills of the various units.
  • Third Party evidence that corroborates your evidence and substantiates your involvement and demonstrated competency in the preparation or completion of the relevant duties or tasks.

Please contact us to apply for RPL now.

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NB: Recognition is only available for whole units of competency.