Mock Court training experience

mock-court-1Thanks to all those involved from Ausgrid this week in the ACIM Solutions mock court training sessions. We ran the short sessions for about 300 HSE and senior management staff to build confidence and awareness around the daunting task of giving evidence.

Special thanks to our Barrister, Jason Hale who put those who hold Supervisor, Investigations Manager and our Senior Management team roles through their paces!

In this case, the focus was on familiarising those who may be involved in WHS court proceedings with some insight into the line of questioning that usually accompanies a review of these types of matters. All those attending were provided with valuable information on how to prepare for court from the time of the incident to enable them to give professional and credible evidence if required.

On this occasion, the scenario was tailored to an organisational scenario and provided the opportunity to reflect on some of the key themes that are routinely examined as part of safety related court proceedings. This includes:

  • individual decision making processes, record management and notification
  • understanding the court context and de-personalising the process
  • risk management approaches including training and the assessment of competence
  • adequacy of policy or procedure implementation and compliance, including PPE
  • organisational response to risk and post incident

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive with many involved commenting on how beneficial it was to see first hand how the court operated and the challenges of being cross examined on your responsibilities and decision making!

ACIM Solutions offers a mock court experience for organisations that can be contextualised to a range of operating environments. If you have senior staff, supervisors, investigators, inspectorate or compliance roles that would benefit from 1:1 sessions or group based mock court programs, please Contact Us