HPT – Creating High Performance Teams

Course Name: HPT - Creating High Performance Teams

Learning outcomes

In this course, you will learn how to:

• Identify the behaviours that characterise successful teams and their leaders
• Identify the stages of team development and why you need to vary your leadership style accordingly
• Use communication strategies to motivate and coach teams for improved cohesion and performance
• Develop practical strategies that promote a culture of transparency, accountability, trust and confidence within your team
• Use conflict resolution and problem-solving skills to overcome difficulties and improve team performance
• Identify and manage risks in team-based projects.

As with all our ACIM short courses, this is a very interactive program. Our facilitators use well-paced presentations, practical group activities and discussions of realistic scenarios to help you stay focused and engaged right throughout your training.
How can you put your new skills to use?
The practical skills and strategies you’ll learn in this program can be successfully applied to internal units, cross-functional teams and those involving partner agencies or external stakeholders. Whatever type of team you’re currently leading or want to lead, this course will inspire and empower you to help others to achieve their very best.

Course Code: HPT
Training Plans: Creating High Performance Teams
Creating High Performance Teams

This course is ideal for supervisors, team leaders, experienced and aspiring managers who are responsible for managing people in the workplace.

You’ll examine the stages of team development, explore the key characteristics of successful teams and develop an understanding of how group dynamics affect achievements. You’ll also study the leadership skills that are needed to unite, guide and support workplace teams, such as defining your team purpose, setting goals, assigning clear roles and responsibilities, establishing effective communication processes, managing performance and implementing meaningful monitoring techniques to assess team progress.

In the troubleshooting section of the course, you’ll learn what to do when faced with predictable team problems, receive expert advice on how to manage conflicts in teams and consider strategies for minimising risks in team-based contexts.

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HPT   Creating High Performance Teams