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Manage logistics for a complex incident

Course Code: PUAOPE022
Course Name: Manage logistics for a complex incident
Course Description: This unit of competency involves the skills and knowledge required to acquire and provide human and physical resources, facilities, services and materials to support achievement of incident objectives. It includes establishing a logistics section, developing logistics plans, managing activities for provision of logistics support, managing logistics processes, participating in the incident management team and monitoring and reviewing logistics functions.

An individual performing in a logistics role is delegated responsibility by the Incident Controller. They support the Incident Controller and other members of the incident management team.

Logistics Officers are required to manage those activities necessary to provide logistical support during an incident and take responsibility for managing the staff appointed to the logistics section of the incident management team. Logistics Officers contribute to objectives and strategies through input into the development of the incident action plan.

Complex incidents are characterised by one or more of the following: impact on a widespread geographical area, detailed written incident action plan with multiple related incident control strategies, consequences extending beyond area of operations, need for relief and recovery operations, resources required beyond what can be obtained at local level and extended timeframe for resolution. These incidents typically have an elevated level of risk and consequence to the community.

Incident Controllers will need to establish an extended incident management structure to support the effective resolution of the incident. Authorisation to perform this role is subject to organisational policies and procedures.
Units of Competence:
Code Name Type
PUAOPE022 Manage logistics for a complex incident Core

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