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Control a Level 2 Incident

Course Code: PUAOPE018
Course Name: Control a Level 2 Incident
Course Description: This unit of competency involves the skills and knowledge manage all activities and personnel deployed to resolve Level 2 incidents through use of internal and external resources.

It includes establishing a control facility, developing and maintaining control structures, developing and maintaining coordination arrangements, assessing situation and determining priorities, providing public information, developing an incident action plan and complementary plans, maintaining control of incident, managing implementation of incident plans, concluding incident activities and reviewing incident activities.

Level 2 incidents are characterised by the need for deployment of resources beyond the initial response or sectorisation of the incident or the establishment of functional sections due to the levels of complexity or a combination of the above.

A person performing this role is appointed by the organisation with the legislative responsibility for overall management of the incident. The Incident Controller may delegate one or more functions to members of the Incident Management Team (IMT) based on the requirements of the incident. Authorisation to perform this role is subject to organisational policies and procedures.
Units of Competence:
Code Name Type
PUAOPE018 Control a Level 2 incident Elective

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